ATLANTA SEEDS Inc. Annual Fundraiser presents from EAST to WEST

 07 June
 Roswell Historic & Cultural Affairs
 38 Hill St Suite 100 - 30075 - Roswell - United States
 Global Dance
Why is this show important? As an organization based out of affluent Roswell, Georgia, it is sometimes hard to remember that there are families who live with financial uncertainty - as a result, fundraising has become a significant part of our operation. Many of the girls who benefit most from Atlanta SEEDs, are least able to afford the tuition and fees. Although we have generous contributors and sponsors who donate the $80 a month required to support a girl during the academic calendar, we still have several girls who need scholarships. During the course of the program, we have found that one third of the girls are homeless and/or food insecure. As a result, we have plans to move into a larger studio and facility which will enable us to have a Soup Kitchen available for families most in need. We will also offer a safe place for girls to relax after and have a place to do their homework, use computers for school work and have tutors available for Math and Remedial Reading assistance. We hope that this new space will also benefit the Atlanta SEEDs program since we will have the ability to rent out the studio and theater to other groups. Lastly, many of our SEEDs families have faced emergency issues - housing, medical, insurance - and they have requested help to get them through their crisis moments. Liezel Lane is often called to put her skills as a psychologist to use but sometimes the only solution is monetary. As a result, we are putting together an Emergency Loan Fund to help families in their moment of need. This Emergency Loan Fund will be managed by the Board of directors based on a set of strict guidelines. Please help us make a difference in these girls lives! Buy a ticket, make a donation or advertise in our Program. For more information go to Atlanta SEEDs 501(c)3: 38-3942855 Make checks payable to Atlanta SEEDs Inc. Special Guest: Eiesha Horsley (Mrs. Georgia 2014) Guest Performers: Diane Adams, Aziza Nawal, Shoshannah Estelle, Jendayi, Jenny Nichols, Laura Gosnell, Susan Poloski, Erin Grundel and Heidi Hernandez Reception: 5pm: Reception doors open Ticketing Table: Purchase tickets, Will Call Tickets, Food Tickets, Drinks Tickets and Dessert Tickets Buy a plate a food? Yes of course! 1) Jimmy Johns, Cookie/Chips and a drink 2) Chef Naomi, Organic fresh & natural and a drink - ADULTS $7.00 ..... Children $6.00 Additional and Alcoholic beverages? Tickets can be purchased at the ticket table Want to give your dancer a flower? WE HAVE FLOWERS!!!! Want to get a picture on the red carpet? WE HAVE TAPSNAP! SURPRIZE APPEARANCE AT 5:30PM ...YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!!! 6:10pm: Theatre doors open OPEN SEATING! There will be one 15 min intermission TICKETS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE AND CAN BE COLLECTED AT WILL CALL!

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