AT THE GLAD: Sun 17 May: Quest Ensemble/ Iyatra Quartet/ David Roberts

 17 May
 The Gladstone Arms
 64 Lant Street - SE1 1 - London - United Kingdom
 Johnny Gladstone
Our Sundays are becoming increasingly busy, so we're now offering the chance to book a seat. Booking times available for this Sunday are 6.30 pm pm til 7.00 pm, we'll happily hold a seat in your name between these times (we can't hold you a full table unless the numbers correspond, as all seats must be filled). If you're interested in booking for this Sunday programme send an email to before midday on Sat 16 May with all relevant names attached and we'll respond to you to confirm. Bringing a unique take to the classical piano trio, this contemporary London based ensemble, Filipe Sousa, (piano), Tara Franks (cello), and Preetha Narayanan (violin), collaboratively create original work with a distinctive sound that blends their diverse musical and cultural backgrounds. With traces of Vaughn Williams, Steve Reich, and Esbjörn Svensson Trio, Quest Ensemble paint a unique and evocative musical landscape filled with lyrical melodic lines, rich harmonies, and interwoven rhythmic counterpoint. Iyatra Quartet draw on a diverse range of musical styles, rhythms and melodies from around the world to devise and perform their own music. With backgrounds in classical, jazz, Cuban, Brazilian and Indian music, iyatraQuartet combine Indian raga with drum and bass rhythms, plainchant with extended percussion techniques and many more influences to create a unique sound and collection of musical experiences. The evening begins with a set of itricately written guitar led folk from David Roberts. His perfectly executed and highly composed style has echoes of everything from early Western art music forms to the psychedelic explorations of the late sixties folk revival, all imbued with a distinctly English style. He's a remarkable new artist, we'll be hoping to see a lot more of him. Music from 7.30 pm

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