Arvigo Self Care Level 1 - Puerto Rico

 20 May
 Rincon/Aquada Puerto Rico
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 Michelle Brown
In Rincon/Aquada ... on the beautiful west coast of Puerto Rico! May 20th-22nd Wednesday 9:30AM-6:30PM, Thursday 9:30AM-6:30PM, Friday 9AM-1PM Tuition is $450. Register at Register before April 20th for the Early Bird Discount! This two and a half day course covers the anatomy and physiology of the abdominal and reproductive organs, addresses causes and symptoms of malpositioned organs and teaches self-care techniques. Self Care also addresses herbal and nutritional support for the massage techniques to ensure comprehensive understanding of the modality and how it contributes to wellness. It includes a private 30 minute session for personal instruction. This class is open to anyone, you do not have to be a health care provider to attend. Continuing education credits available! The Arvigo Institute, LLC is a CE provider for national professional organizations. Self Care Level 1 is approved by: NCBTMB for massage therapy (17.5 CE hours), and NCAAOM for acupuncture (16 PDA points) and MEAC for midwives (17 CE hours). This course is for self care only; it does not teach clinical applications. It is a prerequisite for advancement to Professional Care Training, Level 2. Join me for a nurturing retreat to discover the ‘why’ and ‘how’ to support your own digestive and reproductive organs by using an ancient massage technique that gently guides them back into proper placement. Through this therapy we restore proper flows of blood, lymph, nerve impulses and energy throughout the belly. A variety of organ displacement symptoms can be helped this way. This tradition emphasizes the placement of the uterus, which can ‘wander’ in the pelvis throughout a woman’s life, contributing to female issues such as painful menses, bladder incontinence, PMS, infertility, painful intercourse, and difficult menopause. These techniques can also help normalize post-surgical scar tissue that can result from surgery, such as cesarean birth. Other symptoms of organ displacement include low back ache, constipation, indigestion and digestive disorders such as IBS, benign swollen prostate for men, and low energy (to name a few). This approach to belly vitality is gentle, non-invasive, and easy to learn for yourself. It is beneficial to both men and women. Come discover what it can do for you!

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