Art Grant Writing Seminar & Group Workshop

 18 May
 K18 Studios, Kinzigstrasse 18, 10247 Berlin
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 Berlin Art Grant Clinic
Are you well equipped for the last deadlines before the summer? Early bird registration fees are offered at a discounted rate until May 7th! 18, 20, 21 & 26 May 2015 GRANT DIAGNOSIS SEMINAR (18 and 20 May) This is simply a crash course that will give you the main perspective and tools to make a competitive grant application. In this seminar you will be instructed step by step through the narrative structure of a grant application. You will learn formulating your project description and artist statement. Additionally, you will explore the ways of finding the suitable German and International application calls for your project/artwork. Working topics include: Module #1: On Funding Bodies (18 May) – Understanding Funding Bodies – Decision process in funding application evaluations – List of grant givers – Places to find grant givers – Getting over your writing blockage Module #2: On Applications (20 May) – Structure of funding applications – Creating a project description – Writing your artist statement – Key elements, tips and tricks for a successful application * 20 mins. one-to-one consultancy with each participant on a particular project. ---- OPERATION WORKSHOP (21 and 26 May) This is a hands-on grant writing workshop for artists, artistic projects and applications for residency programmes. The workshop aims at preparing you to submit better applications to the up-coming open calls. It is for applicants who want to develop their existing grant writing skills. Throughout Module #1 you will have to the opportunity to learn how to create a timeline and an efficient budget, and in Module #2 you will be able to exchange ideas and views with your peers, polish your application, and get equipped for your upcoming proposals. Working topics include: Module #1: Time, Budget, Tips and Tricks (21 May) – A focused timeline – Focused and realistic budgeting – Tips and tricks to avoid emergency expenditure – Working with a sample application Module #2: Hands-on Application Operation (26 May) – Requirements for a good proposal – Making yourself a strong applicant – Enriching and polishing your content – Working on your application – peer evaluation FOR MORE INFO on content, location, fees & registration: /

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