AROUND THE WAY - Cut Copy DJs, Lovebirds, Tin Man, András LIVE

 06 June
 Undisclosed Location
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 Fünf Touring
Tix selling fast: ---------- On Sat 6 June, renowned underground electronic music agency FÜNF joins forces with YSTRDAYBONE for ‘Around the Way’, their most innovative event yet. An undisclosed warehouse location will play host, setting the framework for an experience not previously offered in Melbourne’s electronic music scene. Around the Way will incorporate music, fashion, visual art and other exhibitions in ways that diverge from the conventional approach. It will be a party that melds Fünf’s stellar party hosting credentials with the ingenuity of YSTRDAYBONE. On the night, the audience will be treated to an array of immersive experiences that will remove them from the outside and firmly place them in the world created by Around the Way’s fusion of aural and visual stimulation. This blend is one that has been rarely explored on a large scale in Melbourne’s vast and prospering cultural scene. Around the Way will use an innovative space to display a vast array of cultural industries. Fünf and YSTRDAYBONE will come together to create an experience not on offer elsewhere. The soundtrack to this experience will be provided by some of electronic music’s biggest names. Melbourne duo and Australian wonder children CUT COPY DJs (Dan Whitford and Tim Hoey) come fresh off a big summer and a batch of new projects to bring you their eclectic mix of disco and house. The pair have been releasing music for more than a decade, but to the delight of punters have recently returned to the fore of Australia’s flourishing scene. Timeless deep house god LOVEBIRDS has hours upon hours of the smoothest records to bliss you out. Johannes Auvinen, the man behind the acid house and techno enigma TIN MAN, will bend your mind as he explores the sonic capabilities of a TB-303. Performing live, the Californian will undoubtedly provide the perfect score to an eccentric experience. Melbourne heart throb ANDRAS FOX will showcase his brand new live set ‘András LIVE’, an experience not to be missed from one of Australia’s most respected producers. Lineup: Cut Copy DJs Lovebirds Tin Man LIVE Andras LIVE Myles Mac Turkish Prison Michael Ozone Sleep D DJs

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