Around the Map 5 XBOX 360 "Around Los Santos Off-Road challenge"

 16 May
 Xbox 360
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 Steve Around Los Santos For Full info and sign up its been a while and i know some of you have been waiting. For those of you that will hopefully be joining us for the first time here is the plan. "a 4x4 Off-road challenge Around Los Santos, its not a race we travel in convoy, the concept is is to stick as close to the coast as possible, around the entire perimeter of the island. the idea is to get everyone around, whilst enjoying the sights and enjoying some awesome off roading " The basic "around the map "route has always been the same, but each journey we take is unique. We see the beauty of the map at different times of the day and night.We find new climbs and challenges every time we do this. Its appealing for new comers and veterans alike, as you have some flexibility to choose your own path. If a section looks to tough, no worries, take some pictures of others attempting it and go inland, take a less challenging route, we will re-group a little further on. Voting Categories The Best Team Theme Best Pair of trucks Best of show The "Bush & Blair" Award for the most incompetent team The "Get a Room" Award for the most harmonic team Mini challenges (mini challenges will take place at a few choice set spot along the route) As part of the meet i will be incorporating some of the more popular mini challenges from past events. Team selfie challenge Team triathlon relay Tag team fightclub

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