Apache Trails(Album Release) Featuring Karen Jonas

 23 May
 World Cafe Live at The Queen
 500 N Market St - 19801 - Wilmington - United States
 Apache Trails
You've been invited to join us for The Apache Trails album release party! Tickets are Available online and through the band ! Direct Message us for details on discounted(no fees) tickets Apache Trails Apache Trails is a rowdy, unbridled and all together collaborative good time that'll leave the souls of your feet singing a tune of their own. Featuring a thunderous double-bass slapping alongside, soulful lead guitar, a freight-train rhythm and banjo carried along by a beautiful weave of voices delivered in a style that defies pigeonholing but might be described as a rootsy amalgam of folk, country, blues and whiskey. The group features a singer/songwriter Jason Webb and popular bassist, Matthew Messattzia backed by 12 different musicians who act as a rotating cast of characters throughout the night. Each musician bringing their own unique style and flare to the group's original compositions. If youre a fan of local music throughout the years you are not going to wanna miss this show. Theres no telling who will be hitting the stage. Karen Jonas Fredericksburg-based artist Karen Jonas has been accused of beating her dad’s old Cortez acoustic guitar. Sometimes, the song requires it. But most of the time, Karen's rhythmic thumb-and-strum style just keeps the audience rapt and hanging on her every word. Karen's new album showcases a full band conjuring up the dusty old west and features boot-stomping originals that just might stomp your heart in the process. Her sultry vocals have some fans swearing she's stolen their hearts all the way from the stage. If you want to know how that works, you'd best come to the gig.

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