18 May
 General Public Collective
 1060 Virginia Ave - 46203 - Indianapolis - United States
 Jacob Gardner
What is psychedelia to you? Is it something audible? Visual? Physical? Spiritual? Is it a place or time? Is it a tangible emotion? Or maybe its solely the experience? If we may... let us drench you in aural pleasures from the ethereal to the infinite groove. NEST EGG - Asheville has many things worth seeing. Moog factory, mountains, blackout effectors... NEST EGG!!! Most kindred wet heads I know. Let them be there for you and I promise they will not disappoint. http://youtu.be/BOUOH9QSQ2Y http://youtu.be/uDdB25Y2Pc0 http://youtu.be/Lk36BisTqg0 APACHE DROPOUT - Precisely executed from each pique in vintage tremolo to each distorted guitar pluck, these dudes only SEEM to be fucking off. Sonny Blood’s masterful guitar playing conducts each song, shifting seamlessly from garage-y sludge to intricate skill, and always drenched with acidic fuzz. The bass is also fuzzy—fuzzy and LOUD, a sound that bassist Nathan Warrick has proudly worked on for years and involves several fuzz pedals and heavy melodic parts. Drummer Seth Mahern lazily stomps along behind these two powerhouses; complimenting the sound and aesthetic perfectly, he never fails to get a crowd moving. To top it off, song lyrics are poetic and the subject matter simple and exciting. WHITE WAX - Tony Beemer and Nate Gonzales have been articulating something wild. It seems like an unruly tyrant of synthesized groove but at times its the most mechanized beat machine, trampling through your ears. Basically kinda just give in or something? DJ Little Town almost cried when she heard Nest Egg was coming to town - she's a big fan. She's gonna spin sum tunes before and after to get your booties bumpin. Nest Egg's nest is NOT in Nap, so PLEASE DONATE SUM OF YOUR HARD EARNED CASH TO HELP THEM ON THEIR JOURNEYS :)

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