Antiphons (solo), Recluse Raccoon, Night Idea and Sharkophagus Live at Norfolk Taphouse

 06 June
  - 23517 - Norfolk - United States
 Timmy Peele
Antiphons - (Richmond) Amazing lyrics, voice of the heavens. Cathedral pop? Lead singer Brian will be doing a solo set, the band usually has 5 members. It might get kinda sad from time to time and you might cry a bit but you won't be mad about it. Recluse Raccoon - (Richmond) Some psychedelic pop tunes with a hint of jazz and whole bunch of high notes. It's soft, it's loud, at times it sounds like opera, they play what they are given. Night Idea - (Richmond) Somewhat prog somewhat jazz, if you want to call it math, it's math done in the best way possible... So much groove. You will find it very hard to keep your head still during this set. I love their effects and tones. Sharkophagus - Norfolk based psychedelic jazz group with horns and rich chords and rhythms. These guys could improvise a full album and trick you into thinking it was rigidly rehearsed. Super fun and good for those with dancing feet.

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