15 May
 NK Project
 Elsenstr. 52 - 12059 - Berlin - Germany
 Julian Davis Percy
ANTHONY PATERAS Anthony Pateras (b.1979) is a composer, pianist and electroacoustic musician. ANTOINE LÄNG Antoine Läng’s approach to the voice as a soloist is an ongoing process primarly focused on sonic experimentations and extension of his vocal range to the limits of what his body may allow. Inspired by electroacoustic and contemporary aesthetics and noise music, he focuses on the extraction of occurring elements in the vocal spectrum or appearing accidentally - peripheral and parasite sounds, intimate and incidental noises - that may be be reproduced, isolated or recombined to create musical material. Radically acoustic - the sound of the voice being filtrated or directed with the only help of brass megaphones - his actual solo work starts from the vocal apparatus and breathing and challenges the resistance of the body to explore, through improvised pieces, landscapes of personal geography including physical and social sides in the use of the voice, its specific acoustic dynamics and diffusion and the way it can be used as a genuine noise music instrument. Based in Geneva, Antoine Läng sings in different projects (LEON, Insub Meta Orchestra, dQtç, in duo with Michel Doneda). He is also part of Insubordinations and Akouphène, two associations involved in the promotion of the experimental scene in Switzerland. DAVID PALLISER Between 1980-83 I formed and played in the Melbourne post punk band The People with Chairs up their Noses.After a long hiatus spent developing my practice as a visual artist I reengaged with music 11 years ago. I now play with various groups:The Charles Ives Singers, The Donkey's Tail, Admin Bldg, the dubious jazz trio of Richards ,Wadley & Palliser and solo performance. Strangeness,materiality of sound and intuitive response seem to be some of the recurring features of all this music making. The Charles Ives Singers,featuring Victor Meertens ,Alexis Ensor and myself have released many CDs and 3 LPs ,The Donkey's Tail,initiated and directed by John Nixon,have released over 60 CDs.My website,, has postings of some performances as does Bandcamp for AdminBldg. At NK I will be playing sax with loops and various percussive debris. SPOOKY ATTRACTION FROM A DISTANCE Juliana Venter Born in South Africa Operatically trained vocalist known for her versatility and extreme vocal use. She was lead singer for the group The Mud Ensemble in the 1990 s in Johannesburg . This group was known for their boundary pushing work through their live performances. Receiving cult status for their work as pioneers in the field of Avant Garde music and performance in South Africa during the 90s. They where also known for their outspokenness against Apartheid . In 2000 she moved to London where she collaborated with Robert Willcocks and Phil Winter . ( Summit and Cabaret Voltaire ) In 2003 wrote and recorded an album with Ramsay Mackay of Freedoms Children. Ramsay Mackay is today known as a pioneer in Rock music in South Africa in the 1970 s. In 2004 she moved to Berlin where she worked as composer on soundtracks and solo works. It was during this time that she met and recorded with Joseph Suchy known for his innovative work on the guitar . In 2011 they released the album Sunflower Sutra under the name " Spooky attraction from a distance " with Staubgold. She is currently living between Cape Town and Berlin and will be releasing 2 albums in Autumn 2015. staubgold - music out of place - albums Sunflower Sutra under the name Spooky Attraction from a distance . Mud Ensemble 1993 – 1999 Juliana Venter - THE HERMIT - MUD ENSEMBLE - YouTube juliana venter and spooky attraction performs at the bioscope in ...

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