Annual Bryant-McClenton Family Reunion

 23 May
 Ruffin, SC, United States
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 Chiquita Grant
Hey Family and Friends!! Just FYI we will not have Tshirts this year...This year we ask that you team up with your family and wear the same colors. The families are divided by Ella and Rommie children. For Example...All of Tootsie Children and Grands wear the same colors. You will not be assigned a color you all have to "COMMUNICATE" and figure out which color you want to wear! I will reach out next week to see what colors everyone chose. If we run into the same color we will have to decided what to do love you all and PLEASE PLEASE PLEAEE CALL ME IF YOU CONFUSED OR HAVE IDEAS!!! On Sunday morning our family gathers and have a Awesome program and I want as many to be apart as possible...whether its a scripture reading, song, or even a poem...let me know so I can put you on the program!! Love you all

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