An Unique South Indian Carnatic Duo Violin Concert

 23 May
 Ida K. Lang Recital Hall at Hunter College
 695 Park Ave, Room 424N - 10065 - New York - United States
 Rageshree Music Institute Inc.
Rageshree Music Institute Proudly Presents An Unique South Indian Carnatic Duo Violin Concert With Violin Maestro VID. T.S. KRISHNAMURTHY And his disciple violin master TARUN RAVIKUMAR Accompanied by MRIDANGAM MAESTRO SRI. A.R. BALASKANDAN Kanjira Master - KABILAN SATURDAY MAY, 23RD 2015, 7:30 - 9:30PM At IDA K. LANG HALL, HUNTER COLLEGE North Building 4th Floor # 424 Entrance on East 69th St. Bet. Park & Lex. Ave. NYC Donation $30:00 at the door & $25:00 for all Advanced purchase. for advance purcahse and more information please contact Rageshree Music Inst. (718) 672-3211, www.RageshreeMusicInst.Org, Ck, MO & Paypal Accepted. Advance Tickets also available on & If anyone wishes to make a Donation please contact us About The Artists Violinist: Vid. T.S.Krishnamurthy Vidwan Sri. T.S.Krishnamurthy (Sri.TSK) hails from a family of musicians. His grandfather Late Sri. T. Krishna Shastry was an eminent violinist & vocalist. His father Late Sri. T. K. Subramanya Shastry was an renowned violinist. He began his training on the violin at the age of five under the guidance of his father & started his musical career as a violinist at an early age of 12. He has established himself as a reputed classical solo violinist, as well as an exemplary accompanying violinist over the past 35 yrs. He has received several Accolades, Awards & Titles from prestigious institutions all over the world. He established a school “TSK School of Music”, in Bangalore & US, and he has been training several students over the past 15 yrs, significant number of them are leading performing artists. He has conducted several workshops worldwide. Mridangist: Sri. A. R. Balaskandan A.R. Balaskandan is a performer/teacher of both Carnatic Violin and Mridangam. As a mridangist, he belongs to the school of Sri Karaikudi R. Mani of Chennai. Balaskandan has accompanied many established artists such as TV Gopalakrishnan, Chitraveena Ravikiran, OS Thyagarajan, Carnatica Brothers, Bombay Sisters and Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi. Balaskandan is the lead musician of Akshara, a NY based group that takes its roots from Carnatic music. He has also conceptualized and developed many music and dance productions in the UK, Canada and the US. In 2007/08 he had the distinction of teaching and conducting the first Carnatic student recital at the prestigious Juilliard School of music. Dear Friends: Rageshree Music institute was founded in 1991 to help preserve, present and further the ongoing and timeless growth in Indian classical music. It is our aim to help foster these magnificent art form to their greatest capacity without sacrificing integrity in the very receptive American culture. Rageshree music institute is a not-for profit organization and is dependent on the proceeds from concerts and sales of Cd's and cassettes and also upon the contributions of the members of the institute.We thank you for your support of this art and for the support of rageshree music institute. We look forward to bringing you Indian classical music of the highest quality and integrity. Please visit 1. "EMPATHY" CD/CS RMI 101 (a classic) Raga: Darbari Kannada gat in slow and fast tintal and folk melody. Artists: AMIT CHATTERJEE on Sitar & Polash Gomes on Tabla 2. "THE SINGING STRING" CD / Cassette RMI 103 Raga Malkauns alap, jor& jhala Gatin slow, medium and fast tintal. & Pilu (Thumri) Artists: AMIT CHATTERJEE on Sitar & Polash Gomes on Tabla 3."STORIES" CD RMI 104 Raga Pilu (ragmala) alap, gat in slow and medium tintal. Unedited concert recorded at Columbia university NYC (with vocal demo.) May, 1994. Artists: AMIT CHATTERJEE on Sitar & Polash Gomes on Tabla "...modern Indian maestro Amit Chatterjee...Yoga Journal." 4."REMINISCENCE" Sarangi solo CD/CS RMI 105 Raga Todi,Yaman,Jansmohoni,Raheshree & Dhun Artists: PANDIT RAMESH MISHRA on Sarangi & Polash Gomes on Tabla. 5."ANCESTRAL SONG" CD / Cassette RMI 106 (Vocal Classical) Raga: Bairagi,Bageshree & Puriya. Artists: SANTANU BANERJEE/ Vocal & Arup Chatterjee/ tabla 6. "REJOICE" Duet: Sitar & Vocal CD / CS RMI 107 Raga: Jog alap & gat in Jhaptal and Teental. Raga: Charukeshi alap gat in teental, Ektal & teental. Artists: Mani Shankar / Sitar , Siddartha Shankr / Vocal & Mayoohk Bhaumik /Tabla 7. "ANCESTORS" Art of the Ajrara Gharana Tabla Solo in Slow and Medium Tintal (16 beats) CD RMI 108 Artist: AKRAM KHAN 8. "ANCESTORS" Art of the Lucknow Gharana Tabla Solo CD RMI 102 Artist: USTAD ILMAS HUSSAIN KHAN, Tabla solo in Rupak Tal (7 beats), Ektal (12 beats), & Slow and Medium Tintal (16 beats) &Laggi. 9. REFLECTION OF LOVE CD RMI 109 Raga: Kirwani, Hori Thomri, Rajesthani folk Song, & Bengali folk Song Artists: Deabshish Bhattacharya / Guitar Subashish Bhattacharya / Tabla 10. BLISS CD RMI 110 (Classical Vocal) Raga: Komal Rishabh Aswari & Raga: Boopali Artists: Santanu Banerjee / Vocal Gauri Shankar Karmakar / Tabla 11. "ANCESTORS" # 2 Tabla solo by Mayookh Bhaumik CD 111 Teental (16 beats) , Ashtagrahan(8 2/1 beats) , Ektal (12 beats), & Laggi. 12. "ANCESTORS" Art of the Benaras Gharana Tabla Solo CD RMI 112 Artist: PANDIT ANANDA GOPAL BANDOPADHAYA Tabla solo in Jhap Tal (10 beats), Ara chau tal (14 beats), & Slow and Medium Tintal (16 beats) & Dadra tal (6 beats) 13. "EUPHORIC HARMONY" CD RMI 113 Artists: LALIT GOMES / SITAR & PANDIT SUJIT SAHA / TABLA Raga: Todi Comp. in Slow Tintal, Raga : Bihag Comp. in Slow & Fast Tintal Raga: Bhairavi Dhun in Dadra Tal. 14. "FRAGILE MOMENTS" CD RMI 114 (new release) Artist: Amit Chatterjee on Sitar (please note there is no tabla on this CD) Raga: Puriya - alap & jor Raga: Bageshri - alap & jor Raga: Bhairavi - alap 15. “Colors of the Mind” CD / DVD RMI 115 ( new release) Artist: Indrajit Roy Chaudhury / Sitar with Polash Gomes / Tabla Raga: Nandkauns Alap & Jor, Comp. in Vilambit & Drut Tintal (16 Beats) Raga: Manjh Khamaj Comp. in Sitarkhani (16 beats) and Raga: Mand (folk melody) in Kaherwa Tal (8 beats). 16. "Waves of Emotion" CD RMI 116 Artists: Abhik Mukherjee / Sitar & Indranil Bhaduri / Tabla Raga; Lalit in Tintal Raga: Yamani in Tintal Raga: Khamaj in vilambit and drut Tintal Raga: Pilu in DeepChandi Raga: Pahadi in DeepChandi Raga: Bhairavi in Tintal Special Offer Donate $10.00 and receive one (1) CD or DVD including S&H within USA only. Donate $25.00 and receive (3) CDs or DVD including S&H within USA. Donate $25.00 and receive(2) CDs or DVD including S&H out side of USA. Accept credit card through Paypal, Paypal ID Please make Check or M/O payable to. Rageshree Music Institute Inc. 40-29 48th St. Sunnyside, NY 11104 U.S.A. (718) 672-3211 or e-mail: Thank you for your support. Book Announcement Step-by-Step Development of Tabla Compositions from the Ground Up by Dr. Mrinal Pal The book is the outcome of research over a period of more than twenty years. It shows how anyone can develop tabla compositions, step-by-step, by applying two basic principles and following simple logic, starting from practically nothing. The method is extremely efficient and elegant. It is easy to understand and can be learned in a short time. It is not in conflict with anything taught by traditional methods. The main features of the book are: 1. The inclusion of a basic description of the tabla and the theory of sound production. 2. Explanation and illustration of the principles used in developing the compositions. 3. Demonstration of expansions (vistar) of a given theme in the right way maintaining the integrity of the composition. 4. Demonstration of multiple interpretations of a given composition—how to create a completely different effect by rearranging a composition in a different rhythmic pattern 5. Examples of relas of all kinds and rhythmic structures—in straight rhythms (barabar), triplets (tisra), rhythms of five, seven, and nine. 6. Examples of laggis and peshkars. 7. Demonstration of the construction of compositions in various talas. 8. Demonstration of the development of various types of fixed compositions (bandishes). 9. An all encompassing theory of tihai. 10. Step-by-step development of more than two thousand compositions (from the very simple to the most complex, from the well known to the not-so-well-known to the totally unknown). The English version of the book can be obtained directly from Dr. Pal. The price is US$300. Dr. Pal's contact information is: Mrinal K. Pal, Ph.D. 22 Dayton Drive # 141A Edison, NJ 08820-3418 USA (732) 494-3716

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