An Israel/Palestine Forum; Paths to Peace: Palestinian Statehood?

 04 June
 Vaughan Jefferys Lecture Theatre
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 UoB Debating
The Debating Society and the United Nations Society are proud to present “An Israel/Palestine Forum; Paths to Peace: Palestinian Statehood?" Palestinian statehood has been an ongoing and contentious matter throughout the international community over the last year. Domestically, Parliament passed a motion encouraging government to recognise Palestine. Yet within the United Nations, a resolution to recognise a Palestinian state by the end of 2017 was met with objections and failure. Last month Benjamin Netanyahu was re-elected as Israeli Prime Minister and is forming a coalition government of right wing and religious parties; while campaigning for office he implied that he wouldn't allow the creation of a Palestinian state due to security issues. Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority was recently successful in application to become a member of the International Criminal Court, opening the possibility of prosecuting Israel for war crimes. These developments have led us to consider... Are we further away from, or closer to Palestinian statehood than ever before? and is this even the right path to peace? Our diverse and representative panel of experts will address these issues and more on the evening.

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 15 December, Thursday