"An Introduction to Heat Transfer" IN LOS ANGELES

 03 June
 Full Circle Venice
 305 Rose Ave - 90291 - Venice - United States
 Matisse Rose
After opening at Boston University's College of Fine Arts, An Introduction to Heat Transfer is proud to extend its run in Los Angeles this summer! TICKETS: http://bit.ly/1F8aoda WEBSITE: http://www.IntroToHeat.com AN INTRODUCTION TO HEAT TRANSFER Written by Haley Jakobson in collaboration with and written for Matisse Haddad & Kaela Shaw Lila Albright and Emma Perkins have very different ideas of how they’ll get through their twenties. Emma has a plan; Lila's plan is... she has none. When they become roommates in their last year of college, they quickly learn that living together is a lot more than just sleeping and eating. AN INTRODUCTION TO HEAT TRANSFER is a play about tackling the confusion of one's twenties, who you do it with, and the fundamental factor of true friendship. June 3 Wednesday June 5 Friday June 6 Saturday June 7 Sunday June 10 Wednesday June 12 Friday June 13 Saturday June 14 Sunday June 19 Friday June 20 Saturday All perfomances will begin at 8:00 PM Running time: 90 minutes with no intermission. Thank you all for supporting our play. It has been with us for almost a year now and it is our collective heart. It is our joy to share this with all of you, so please come and get lost in our friendship with us. Love, Heat Transfer

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