An Evening of Latin Dance Theatre with Element Arts at Chelsea Theatre

 16 May
 London, United Kingdom
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 Element Arts
Chelsea Theatre 7 World’s End Place King’s Road London SW10 0DR Including: Nana: A contemporary latin salsa piece inspired by the earthy grandmother of the Orishas Nana. Ecdysis-Ella Mesma Company- Choreographed by Anthony Egea (Compagnie Revolution) on Ella Mesma. Inspired by the Peruvian Inca beliefs of Chakana, an Andean symbol of the Incan civilisation. The piece takes inspiration from the condor (the symbol of intuition and connection to Mother Earth), puma (the symbol of the feminine, the dark mother, the dark of the moon, life and power and rebirth, shorn of cultural restrictions), and the snake (good and evil, rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing). Birds of Paradise- Working with two musicians (percussionist Xavier Osmir) and (beatboxer- Marv the Radio), will be a conversation between dance artist and musician. Drawing on the traditions of Brazilian Samba no Pe, the piece will explore undress the mask of the Samba dancer- the costume, theatre, prowess... Orixas- Ella Mesma Company- Orixas refers to The Orishas of Yoruba mythology. These deities or spirits have individual attributes, and skills connected to specific natural phenomena such as and are associated with specific rituals. Inspired by Afro-Cuban and Afro Brazilian deities, the performances represent love, pursuit, passion, and loss through the voyage of four individuals. And more... This work was supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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