AMSN Vertigo Workshop- Manly

 23 May
 Harbord Diggers Club
 80 Evans Street, Freshwater, NSW - 2096 - Sydney - Australia
 Australian Musculoskeletal Network
Would you like to advance your understanding and management skills of Vertigo while earning your CPD hours? This AMSN inter-professional workshop also co-branded with COCA will run on Saturday the 23rd of May 2015 from 1-5 pm at the Harbord Diggers located on Freshwater headland just up from Manly beach Sydney. The AMSN’s Vertigo workshop will give you the skills to * Effectively diagnosis and Categorize vestibular disorders * Review Red Flags and indicators for further referral * Learn the latest cutting edge treatment options for this condition. This workshop is suitable for allied health and general practitioners and will also be good opportunity for networking and obtaining CPD hours. The Presenters 1. Dr Rudi Gerhadt (Osteopath and SCU staff member) 2. Dr Damien Ford (General Practitioner) rudiOsteopath and former SCU staff member Dr Rudi Gerhardt Rudi will present his material in the format below Context Classification of Dizziness/Vertigo Related Anatomy Differential Diagnosis of Dizziness/Vertigo Causes of Hearing Disturbances Substitute Words used by Patients History of Dizzy Patient General Strategy Common Causes of Vertigo Appendix Explaing the Epley manuvure Rudi explaining the Epley manuvure Learning outcomes By the end of Rudi’s presentation you will gain more clinical confidence in * Understanding the reason and problems with the over diagnosis of Meniers disease * Understanding the definitions of dizziness and vertigo and why they matter * How to differential between and a central and a peripheral lesion * Importance of taking a good history when dealing with vertigo and what questions you need to ask * Conducting a examination of the vestibular system * Overview of the Dix–Hallpike test and the Epley maneuver * Vestibular rehabilitation exercises damien ford greyscale GP Dr Damien Ford ( Northern Rivers GP ) Dr Damien Ford will present 1.Goals of treatment 2.Categories of treatment 3. Vestibulotoxic medications Learning outcomes from Dr Fords presentation * Understanding why the problem of vertigo is underestimated in Australia * Demonstrate a knowledge of issue of too much emphasis on symptom relief at the expense of finding and treating the underlying cause with an Simple and effective non-drug treatments (such as the Epley manoeuvre for BPPV) being currently underutilized * Understand that drug treatment for vertigo usually falls into 3 main classes, Phenothiazines, Antihistamines, Benzodiazepines * Obtain of overview of which drug ( and dosage ) is indicated where. What drug interventions have good evidence. Which ones don’t. * Hope for the future; As more is known about the role of specific neuromodulators of the vestibular system, new treatments are likely to emerge. The venue at the Byron Bay Community Centre Highlights from our last Vertigo workshop in Byron Bay This workshop is pending assessment by COCA for 4 formal CPD hours and RACGP for Cat 2 points. For other professions please consult your relevant AHPRA board. Please note: You can pay with Paypal or a Credit/ Visa Debit Card. AMEX users please note: Our current credit card gateway does not accept AMEX. To pay with your AMEX card select the PayPal payment gateway and then look for the pay with a credit card option. Don’t forget to select early bird pricing if its still available. Event Location Venue: Harbord Diggers Club Venue Phone: 02) 9938 1444 Address: 80 Evans St, Freshwater2096

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