Amazing Raise 2015: The MEDieval Crus-ades

 30 May
 UNSW, Kensington, New South Wales 2052
  - - -
 UNSW Medical Society
Hear ye! Hear ye! Let it be known throughout the land that the presence of all knights is requested for Amazing Raise 2015: MEDieval Crus-ades! Year after year this grand tournament leads many a lord and lady from the pastures of UNSW into the heart of our bustling city, where they must gallop from manor to manor, scurry through dauntless dungeons, navigate lycanthropic labyrinths and cross merciless moats in pursuit of a new world of wealth! Be like your parents and get Meddle Aged! There'll be no plague-ing around, each team will be required to raise 150 gold coins for entry into this tournament of tenacity. To sign up, joust gather 5-6 of your most noble steads and register online via "the internet" on this link: Art thou brave enough to accept the quest? (Feel free to bring a jester/squire/your 6 wives) When: Middle Ages (Saturday 30th May, time TBA). Where: Quest starts in the realm of UNSW, reign, hail or shine. Why? All proceeds from the event go to the Medical Students' Aid Project (MSAP). Fancy engaging in some blackmarket, ir-regal dealings to get your team ahead? On the day you can buy a roadblock ($20), fast-forward ($40) or shield ($60)! As part of baptizing your team you must also send in a medieval team shield design to! If you'd like to be a volunteer (i.e. Knight in Shining Armour) for Amazing Raise, sign up here:

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