Amazing Gongs Bath in Copenhagen!

 23 May
 Natha Yoga Center
 Nordre Fasanvej 230 - 2200 - Copenhagen - Denmark
 Aiste Ven
THE SPACES OF HEALING SOUND Immerse yourself in the vast ocean of the sacred sound. Let your body, mind and soul rest into the cradle of fullness of great cosmic gong sound. There are no two same Gong Baths, every time it’s a journey to your inmost self. There is a space of freedom, beyond all fears and limitations of the thought forms. After gentle body movement exercises you can lie down and let yourself to enjoy the journey. Heavenly sounds of Himalayan / Tibetan singing bowls, cosmic songs of the gongs, the beauty of various flute sounds, “shamanic” drum, kalimba, spiritual poems, other nature sound instruments will lead the journey. All are welcome! No experience is necessary! Wear loose, comfortable clothes. Information and registration: Registration via email – or phone 50355323. Price - 200 DKK (paying till 17th of May); 250 DKK paying after or near the door. Payment information: 2343, kontonr. 6278553734, Aiste Liudvinaityte, Reference: Gong meditation You have to register yourself because there are not so many places in our hall. _____________________________________________ Performer - Raimondas Binkauskas. Raimondas has 20 years of experience in healing arts and meditation, and 10 years as a sound healer teacher. He pioneered gongs and sound therapy in Lithuania, created various teaching and therapeutic programs for sound healers, is co-author of few well known projects in Lithuania and is a member of Lithuanian Association of Music Therapy. Still as teenager he naturally discovered how to get rid of psychological discomfort or physical pain using his own voice. It was a base of founding his system of natural spontaneous self regulation(NSSR). Over ten years he has actively trained in martial arts, mostly aikido. He also is a practitioner of chi kung, kototama chanting, aromatherapy. His big interest is in synthesis of natural therapeutic systems combining them with sound therapy and finding new ways to help the body regain his health and harmony. Raimondas has studied with world most renowned sound healing and meditation masters, Laima Light, Don Conreaux, Michael Ormiston, Toby Jacobs and many others.

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