16 May
 Clubbers SHOT POINT
 Calle de la Paz 7 - 28012 - Madrid - Spain
 Delfie fiesta
CLUBBERS EXPERIENCE More than just a pubcrawl... Más que un simple pubcrawl... SÁBADO / SATURDAY★★AMAZING CLUBBERS★★★ 1. BAR: SHOT POINT: ENTRADA GRATIS / FREE ENTRY FREE OPEN BAR BEER OR SANGRIA ( 1H) OR COCKTAIL OR DRINK ///////////////// BARRA LIBRE CERVEZA O SANGRIA (1H) O COCKTAIL O COPA 2. BAR: COMMO ENTRADA GRATIS / FREE ENTRY FREE TEQUILA SHOT, DRINKS JUST 5€ OPCIONAL////////////// CHUPITO DE TEQUILA COPAS ÚNICAMENTE 5€ OPCIONAL 3. PLANET ENTRADA GRATIS/FREE ENTRY FREE TEQUILA SHOT / CHUPITO DE TEQUILA 4. ENBABIA ENTRADA GRATIS/ FREE ENTRY FREE TEQUILA SHOT / CHUPITO DE TEQUILA CHEAP DRINKS 5. SHOKO ENTRADA GRATIS/ FREE ENTRY 2X1 DRINKS, 2X1 EN COPAS ////////////////////////////// OPCIÓN 2 4.COOL FREE ENTRY/ENTRADA GRATIS FREE SHOT / CHUPITO REGUEATON LATIN DANCE MUSIC OPCIÓN 3 KAPITAL INCUDED 1 DRINK AT CLUB OR JOY ESLAVA INCLUDED DRINK 10 € MORE/SUPLEMENTO + Special deals/ OFERTAS ESPECIALES EN COPAS + Crazy competitions and gifts / CONCURSO Y SORPRESAS + TOUR GUIDE & PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER ---------SHOKO -------- ★★★COOL ★★★KAPITAL (((((((JOY ESLAVA BOOK ONLINE NOW!! / PUB CRAWL & SAVE 5 EUROS RESERVA YA!! BOOK NOW!! Book now for free get one of our discounts https://www.facebook.com/clubberstourmadrid/app_208195102528120 Or use our paypal to guarantee your fun https://www.facebook.com/clubberstourmadrid/app_208195102528120 RESERVA ONLINE / PUB CRAWL Y AHORRA 5 EUROS https://www.facebook.com/clubberstourmadrid/app_208195102528120 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Location & Directions: PUNTO DE ENCUENTRO: PLAZA MAYOR 22.00H Runnig late? SI LLEGAS TARDE TE ESPERAMOS EN: Commo My Disco, calle Espoz y Mina 20 BUSCA EL EQUIPO VERDE, THE GREEN TEAM MEET US AT OUR GREEN PINDROP/ MIRA NUESTRA GOTA VERDE. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ +info & book: 34 675 379 597 - 34 633 307 671 whatsapp https://www.facebook.com/delfiemadrid https://www.facebook.com/clubberstourmadrid YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWK7gi0xLOFrjq7Li82Bzgg/videos https://www.youtube.com/user/clubberstourtv/videos TWITTER https://twitter.com/ClubbersTour INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/clubberstour

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