16 May
  4.1.1(pool site) opposite Dam Bar(Shashe Bridge)
  - - -
 Nature-Taylor Thokoane
"Party goers bring along your camp chairs,cooler boxes and kickback and relax and listen to some hot tunes. We dance to some classic and funky house and hip hop tunes" Dress code:STRICTLY ALL BLACK MC's; *EL NINO *FaTZVILLE *TeDDY NICKY Line up Dj Guess;1800-1820pm Dj N Taylor;1820-1840pm Culboi K;1840-1850pm Dj Skwiza;1850-1910pm DJ RASBANDA(RB2);1910-2010pm(Guest) *Twerk Queens*;2010-2020pm Dj Trefle MuziQ;2020-2040pm Dj JerryKid;2040-2100pm TEAMTALKLESS;2100-2110pm Dj Modesto;2110-2130pm Dj KeNtaks;2130-2150pm DiP Lo;2150-2200pm DJ KUPTODRAMA;2200-2220pm Vincent Wayne;2220-2230pm Dj Boundounce;2230-2250pm *Twerk Queens*2250-2300pm GUESt;2300-0000am Lameck L.A.D;0000-0010am Dj Gibson;0010-0030am Rap VILLA;0030-0040am DR SPYRO;0040-0100am SOUND I CLIQUE DJ's-0100-0200am Twerk B******-0200-0210am Extreme Rules;0210-0220am GUESt;0220-0320am Alkaline BOYz;0320-0330am S.F.T.G;0330-0340am Dj ManGole Bw;0340-0440am(Guest) S.T;0440-0450am ?????????;0450-0510am ******************* !!SECURITY ON BOARD!! Transport will be available. Combies will invade your area and you should patiently wait @ Francistown:Hungry lion Tati; Big House GET YOUR TICKET NOW >>>> P 30 <<<< RSVP;77484430(Kitso) 72846705(Nature) 75947733(Jakes)

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