Alton Chapter Installation Of Officers

 29 May
 Franklin Lodge No. 25 AF&AM
 1513 Washington Ave - 62002 - Alton - United States
 Alton Chapter Order of DeMolay
Do or Do Not. There is no try. These are words made famous by Jedi Master Yoda in the swamps of Dagobah. While training Luke Skywalker in the ways of the force! Now it is up to Jedi Master Councilor Jacob Ing and his rebuilt Jedi Order to combat the Sith Lord Darth Parmley, his apprentice Darth Barnes and Sith Acolyte Dad Kallal! And continue to rebuild Alton Chapter Order of DeMolay and the Southern Area into the powerful force it was and must become! Will they "DO OR DO NOT" Because in the Southern Area there is no "TRY". Dinner will be served at 5:00 pm Installation of Jedi Officers at 6:30 pm Officers Elected and Appointed Master Councilor Elect - Jacob Senior Councilor Elect - Logan Junior Councilor Elect - Jesse Senior Deacon Appointed - Junior Deacon Appointed - Senior Steward Appointed - Junior Steward Appointed - Marshall Appointed - Chaplain Appointed - Standard Bearer Appointed - Sentinel Appointed - Almoner Appointed - Orator Appointed - 1st Preceptor Appointed - 2nd Preceptor Appointed - 3rd Preceptor Appointed - 4th Preceptor Appointed - 5th Preceptor Appointed - 6th Preceptor Appointed - 7th Preceptor Appointed - Lock In to follow at the Catholic Children's Home Check for Facebook Event for Details!

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