ALLE FARBEN // Support: Knuckle Walkers + Sort Kat Hvid Kat // Presented by Tesla Beat

 23 May
 KB18 kødboderne
 Kødboderne 18 ( KØDBYEN ) - 1714 KBH V - Copenhagen - Denmark
 Tesla Beat
Tesla Beat is proud to announce the first ever show in Denmark with the wonder boy from Kreuzberg, Berlin – ALLE FARBEN. Expect a night of colorful techno and house when Copenhagen finally gets a chance to experience Alle Farben's legendary mixtapes. He will be supported by the house duo Knuckle Walkers as well as Tesla Beat's own synth group Sort Kat Hvid Kat. ____________ * * Line Up * * ____________ ALLE FARBEN If you start feeling the deep base rumble inside you when you're strolling down the alley, you probably heard Alle Farben perform recently. Growing up in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Alle Farben has always been the creative guy. As a youth he discovered that you can do more with music than just playing it in your cassette player. Even when he moved into his late -teens, Alle Farben still used to be the guy that was drawn to the music and he's been practicing his DJ skills ever since. With a lot of competition around, Berlin taught him what it takes to get the crowd to tear the club apart. Doing that again and again, he found his very own style which brings different genres together with his fine electronic Beats. Today, music players count enormous amounts of plays on his famously versatile Sets and as he currently turns into a very popular DJ, you can never be sure whether the girl dancing along the sidewalk is listening to his beats on her earphones. KNUCKLE WALKERS Both having individual amounts of success in the world of electronic house music, Søren and Jens founded Knuckle Walkers as an attempt to fusion their ambition and talent into a collaboration that may take the music in a whole new direction. With the mind set on bringing the bass from bass music, the grooves of garage and the vibes from deep house & techno into their productions and DJ-sets, they focus on bringing a new dimension to the often monotone and forgettable way of creating and playing house tracks. Stay tuned, as Knuckle Walkers slowly arise from the deep and dusty depths of the stone age. SORT KAT HVID KAT (LIVE) The duo Sort Kat Hvid Kat (Black Cat White Cat) greets you with a warm mixture of two personalities with quite different takes on music. Mads is producing both warm and distant ambient tech house and combined with Barbaras melancholy and melodic vocal, the two succeed in creating a simplistic and intimate universe. A few old analogue synthesizers and a drum machine is all you need if you are Sort Kat Hvid Kat - less is more seems to be an exploited mantra for Barbara and Mads. Formed in late 2012, and have released just 4 singles and recently their debut EP, “I et væk”, the duo has received a great deal of attention, both in terms of radio wise, concerts and music blogs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Date: 23 May 2015 Doors: 23.45 Venue: KB18 kødboderne Price: 110 (pre-sale) / 130 (door) Buy tickets here: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TESLA BEAT is born out of a desire to improve and enhance the booming electronic scene in Denmark. TESLA BEAT works to fusion the art of DJ'ing and the hand played approach to electronic music. TESLA BEAT is part of the musical collective Tesla Music Follow Tesla Beat:

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