Alice in the Cities - Tour Spring 2015

 21 May
 Berlin, Germany
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 Alice in the Cities
Here are the coming concerts: 13.05 - Bielefeld (De) - Übersehcontainer 14.05 - Paris (Fr) - le 114 15.05 - Zottegem (Be) - Dunk!Festival 16.05 - Liège (Be) - l’An Vert 20.05 - Leipzig (De) - UT Connewitz - CANCELLED 21.05 - Berlin (De) - Marie Antoinette Help us spread the word! Alice in the Cities (minimal-indie-wave) is an instrumental trio from Belgium/France/Italy and based in Berlin. Created in 2012, Alice in the Cities is playing instrumental compositions for imaginary film scores. After an EP released on TrimTabTapes, their first full-length album is in preparation and shall be released in a near future. Reviews: - Instead of playing loud, overpowering post rock these guys took the genre back to a minimal and intimate level (…) The result of this minimal approach was a beautiful musical landscape (Merchants Of Air, Antwerp, Belgium, 2014) - Soundtrack from movies that never were and probably will never be, because the random writes the script, and because improvisation is directing. (Zitty Magazine, Berlin, Germany 2014) - A drum and a guitar is enough for Alice in the Cities to build great scores from minimal melodies that could accompany those of Wim Wenders’ movie, after which the duo was named. (Zitty Magazine, Berlin, Germany, 2013)

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