Ali Blake 1996 Denim Dance Party

 15 May
 423 ranch dr. Alpine UT, 84004
  - - -
 Spencer Kenny Blake
Ali Blake is turning 19 and soon leaving to serve the Lord in Canada! She isn't copying Abby Keenan, although it may seem like that. Abigail Keenan your party was sick though. It's not a 90's party (but she was born in the 90's) and it's not a Taylor Swift party (though we do love her) but it IS an all out denim dance party. EVERYONE IS INVITED. Just as the Gospel is available to all, so are the good times that we'll have FRIDAY NIGHT. Wear Denim. (denim dance party duh) but also if you're not wearing denim it's chill #AB1996 423 Ranch Dr. Alpine UT, 84004 8:30 pm baby.

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 15 December, Thursday