Album Release "Kalma E Tormenta"

 17 May
 Tula Room @ Hotel Kura Hulanda
  - - Willemstad - Netherlands Antilles
 Shamiro Anita
Over the course of 5 years, God has moved the mountains...He has given us the hug that we needed...NOW the time has come...for Him to CALM THE STORM! Shamiro Ministries invites you to the "Kalma E Tormenta" ALBUM RELEASE! 17th of May @ Hotel Kura Hulanda - Tula Room from 7 to 9oclock PM. Entrance fee?? COMPLETELY FREE! Shamiro will be presenting various new songs from his new album and releasing the official videoclip of the hit song "Kalma E Tormenta". There will be dancing and much much more! You will be able to purchase all of Shamiro's previous album as well as his latest album "Kalma E Tormenta". You will also be able to get T-Shirts, and a brand new DVD with all of Shamiro's videoclips! The new album "Kalma E Tormenta" consists of 9 songs and 1 Poem/Spoken-Word: 1). Kalma E Tormenta 2). Masha Danki 3). Lanta Mi Ariba 4). Manera Un Awaseru 5). Fiesta 6). Temporal 7). Stima Otro 8). When You Believe 9). Alaba A Dios 10). Poesia: Esaki Ta Mi Dios! Bo Konos'É? The story behind the song "Kalma E Tormenta" is based on the verse Luke 8:23-27. The story begins when the disciples find themselves in the middle of a deadly storm while trying to cross the River Jordan. All the while, Jesus was sleeping in the boat. They woke Him up and said: "Master, don't you care that we are going to die in this storm?" and then, with one word, Jesus rose His hand and calmed the storm. The goal of the song We hope all of you can come out. It's going to be an incredible night!

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