Alanadale, Eagle Lake Owls & The Apple Bastards @ Handsome Daughter

 21 May
 The Handsome Daughter
 61 Sherbrook St - R3C 2B2 - Winnipeg - Canada
 Andy Cole
Alanadale With the success of their EP release, Hypocritters, and two tours of western Canada, Alanadale is mid stride in a significant breakthrough within the Winnipeg music scene. Drawing from a diverse array of musical sounds, including experimental folk, indie pop, and prog rock, they deliver a collection of well-crafted songs capable of sparking ever new musical discoveries in the listener. Now a five-piece, Alanadale’s playful experimentations with time signatures, varied instrumentation, and counterpoint harmonies come together in an eclectic decoupage of energetic and passionate music making. Sung alongside Jami Reimer’s classically trained soprano voice, Thomas Krause’s highly innovative yet irresistible melodies weave together with George Dyck III’s tantalizing guitar playing in an intricate contest of creativity. Dale Thiessen’s extensive classical training is obvious in his piano and synthesizer arrangements, an integral aspect of Alanadale’s music. Terrell Froese provides further rhythmic integrity on the drums, holding together this mischievous sound. Eagle Lake Owls Eagle Lake Owls write songs about long winters and endless summers, filtered through a dusty car window. Evolving from their subdued folk roots, they capture the earnest, often dark imagery of the prairies with a new energy. Building on the minimalist sound that is their signature, the band - now a group of five - explore new musical territory. The quiet moments threaten to birth chaos. Songs sweep from hushed vocals to dissonant noise like a prairie storm. The Apple Bastards Through flurries and ice came forth a new sound of whimsy and bliss. One garage duo to school them all! The Bastards are a new band from Winnipeg, Manitoba guaranteed to burrow their way into your brain space and leave it in a jumbled euphoria. With a mix of over eager concussions of percussion and fruity finger picking hooks, The Apple Bastards aim to offend, arouse, and impress.

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