Akasha Festival

 05 June
 Bzébdîne, Lebanon
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 Portal Family
“To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour”. Merging both music and the sacred muses, gods and goddesses, celestial warriors, angels, fairies, elves, archetypal figures, day dreamers, tree huggers, voyagers, alchemists.. We ride you to the ‘Cosmic Theatre’ to witness the magical dance of the living energy, where each moment can be a blissful discovery. ‘Portal Family’ proudly presents AKASHA: the Primordial Ohm, the music of the spheres, the unseen energy from which all transcendental matter is created.. Here is AKASHA; A doorway to break through and live the felt presence of entheogenic experience, a convergence to elucidate your soul and enlighten your mind. This is for all our fellow friends, lunatics and freaks, mark your dates on June 5-6-7 to experience 3 days of delight , a 2 nights event beyond space-time, beyond words, beyond self! “Akasha” will be presented into various musical genres to satisfy the taste of your musical needs, for Friday-Saturday will be hold under the fat old sun where light music will be played throughout the day and night, and Saturday-Sunday is the dark moon day for the people seeking to live in the shadows ;) we tell you this is the day for those who wish to escape earth and experience the magic of the dark music; We take you across a moonbeam’s back for you shall leave scar traces to track ;). On the other side, we allow your ears to cheat you for a while ;) There we transport you to another world of music where fairies will achieve the miracle of transmitting the vibrations in the air into organic and fresh notes. This metamorphosis will give birth to a spacious music that makes the mute agitation of nature chanting. So here shall we bring you the bands. They will be playing from 9 am till 12 pm TBA soon INTERNATIONAL LINE UP: Live Acts: - Tranceluz ( Abhasa Rec and 6Dgts) Holland http://www.youtube.com/user/tranceluz http://www.myspace.com/tranceluz http://www.reverbnation.com/tranceluz ttp://www.soundcloud/tranceluz http://www.numberonemusic/tranceluz https://www.facebook.com/pages/TRANCELUZ/76080695658?ref=hl - Harmonic Rebel ( Psynon Rec) Cyprus https://soundcloud.com/harmonic-rebel/harmonic-rebel-live-modem Tranceluz will deliver u a 4 hs live wave of Goa trance. Harmonic rebel will deliver u his live twisted Forest. DJ Sets: - Centauro ( Psynon Rec ) Cyprus - Gunther Leb - G ( Etnicanet . HTHC ) Italy - Tokes ( Space Babylon. HTHC) Leb - Da-Wood (independent) Leb - Willy ( Space Babylon. HTHC) Leb - Tuma ( Space Babylon. HTHC ) Leb - patch/wrk Leb - Trance- ission Project Leb - Smaug Leb https://soundcloud.com/user7532ch167/psyche-destinations - Chahoo ( Space Babylon. HTHC) Leb - OOhee ( independent) Leb - Faz ( independent ) Leb Biography: Tranceluz: J’aime aka TRANCELUZ - Latin Dutchman - Goan Dj (4 seasons in Goa: 1994/'95, '95/'96, '96/'97, 1999/2000), He started his first band at the age of 15 as a drummer and around percussionist, but Dj-ing and composing is how he rose to fame. He has been involved with different genres of music for 17 years in Holland, ranging from Punk to Jazz or Latin, to African and Asian Rhythms. Between 1984 and 1988, he has worked during the summer months as a DJ in Spain in “La ruta de Bacalao" or “Ruta destroy” which was his first connection with electronic music, and has been a professional Dj since 1995 and introduced Butoh into the trance scene in 1996. Tranceluz has been recognized as the pioneer of Psychedelic Trance music in South America and has played for the first time in February1990. As a trance DJ, he is known as J’aime or TRANCELUZ, which means “Light in Trance” also known as "Sunyata" or "Ananta" in Asia after a 23 hrs. Dj set in 1996 in Vashist, India and a 19 hrs. set in Goa in 1997. His longest set was 32 hrs in Bali. Other musical projects created by him are the following: Abhasa, CST (Circular sound Transmitter), Tranzite. He has worked in "Return to the Source" in 1994 and created "Beyond The Brain" (Voyager Productions) in Australia in 1995. He has been composing Psychedelic Trance music, ambient and World Music since 1995. Created music with Makio "live" in the "Strong Sun Moon Festival" in Gifu in 1998 and the "Ochi Brothers", collaborations with Prana, Insectoid, Snake things, Aeternal, etc. Releases by King Coconut Records NY, MMHR, Neurotrance Records and other V.A. compilations. Tranceluz has performed in 51 countries in events such as Rainbow 2000, Earthdance, The Gathering, Voov, Burning Man, Strong Sun Moon Festival, Sydney's Olympic Games, Visionz, Montemapu, Love Parade, Elements Parties in Australia, Space Tribe Parties etc. He is currently composing soundtracks for movies, performance arts and documentaries. Co-owner of Abhasa Records 2012. Harmonic Rebel is the solo project for Andreas Centauro. He has been an active member of the psychedelic trance scene for many years, since he was introduced to the psychedelic trance culture back in 2000, while attending various underground rave parties in London. In 2001 Andreas helped bring about the first parties in Cyprus called Fairy Dreams and Amavasya. His project Harmonic Rebel aims to influence the audience with psychedelic music that recreates that shift in life and widens the horizon for new infinite possibilities. His music can be described as chunky, groovy, trippy psychedelic trance that is designed to be performed in several times of the night and day. Andreas is also a competent sound system engineer, called an Opus Wizzard by some and is the man responsible for the sound systems in all the Psynon parties, as well as many others in London, providing us with his heavy Analogue Opus sound. In addition, Andreas is the A&R manager at Psynon Records and he is currently working on his first solo album, soon to be released on Psynon Records. ..................……… *Location: In order to assure you a pleasant voyage and fulfill your keen desires, we take you deep to the heart of BZEBDINE, where lie the wonders of tall pine trees and pristine green fields, to satisfy your lust for Mother Nature and embrace you with the magic of reality. * Food and beverages are kindly not allowed on location, for we will satisfy all your cravings: - Bar serving: water, juices, soft drinks, beer, and alcohol - Saj : enjoy the lovely saj manakish of zaatar and cheese *Dogs are warmly welcome to roam freely in the fields *Please note that banned or illegal substances are NOT permitted at the event and any one found with such substances will be escorted out. *Entrance (at the door): 40$ Or Pre-sale at www.ihjoz.com for 33$ till April 31 *Bring your tents, sleeping bags, warm clothes, flashlights, mosquito repellent, trash bags and good vibes! Don’t forget to wear big smiles and take care of each other: D See you all there BoOM!

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