AIRSOFT EVENT - NINE DASH - Philippines @ the Black Site - North of Toronto

 24 May
 4690 19th Side Road Kettleby, Ontario
  - - -
 David Polap
. The island of Baton, has been invaded by a unknown force. Intelligence reports believe they are Chechnyan mercenaries. This force is establishing tactical foot hold around the island. Philippine Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILD) Secretary Manuel Roxas II has immediately dispatched Filipino Special Operations Group While on route, SAMs put down 8 of the 12 transport helicopters. Moro Islamic Liberation Front have moved missile batteries into position, creating a blockade around Baton. US Marine RAPID REACTION FORCE Stationed in Iwakuni, Japan have been placed on Full Alert The United States Are Now At: DEF CON THREE ROASTER Philippine/US Coalition Special Operations Grp (Philippines) TAN/MULTI CAM 1. Pacific Recon 2. Pacific Recon 3. Pacific Recon 4. Pacific Recon 5. Pacific Recon 6. Pacific Recon 7. Pacific Recon 8. Pacific Recon 9. Pacific Recon 10.Pacific Recon 11.Pacific Recon 12.Pacific Recon 13.Pacific Recon 14.Pacific Recon Moro Islamic Liberation Front/Chechen Mercenaries Chechen Mercenaries Analoge Woodland and Green 1. Scorpions 2.Scorpions 3.Scorpions 4.Scorpions 5.Scorpions 6.Scorpions 7.Scorpions 8.Scorpions 9.Scorpions 10.Scorpions 11Scorpions 12Scorpions 13Scorpions THIS WILL BE A CONTINUOUS EVENT ATTENTION: BE ADVISED THIS WILL BE A MIL SIM EVENT, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY, EQUIPMENT WILL BE INSPECTED IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE APPROPRIATE KIT (GEAR). YOU WILL NOT PLAY. ANY BLATANT RULE INFRACTIONS, YOU WILL BE EJECTED FROM THE EVENT. BE ON TIME AND READY TO PLAY-THE SCHEDULE WILL BE KEPT WITH OR WITH OUT YOU BIO BBS ONLY EQUIPMENT (Will Be Inspected Before Event) MANDATORY KILL RAG WHISTLE MID CAPS (If you only have High Caps, They will be tagged and you may only load 70bbs. Be Prepared that the Marshals may inspect them during the event) EYE PROTECTION FULL FACE PROTECTION (Under 18 years of age) RECOMMENDED FULL FACE PROTECTION COMPASS NOTE BOOK AND PEN SUN TENT (THERE WILL BE NO SHADE AT YOUR BASE) EVENT SCHEDULE Arrival Register - Complete Waiver, Pay, Receive Game Card Equipment Inspection - HAVE YOUR EQUIPMENT READY Go to team Base Safety Meeting Deployment There will be no lunch break - the “Bistro” will be open for 2 hours FIRST DEPLOYMENT (Filipino Special Operations Group - Chechnyan Mercenaries) Players Should Be On Site By 0700 Registration Must Be Registered Before 0800 Equipment Inspection Inspected Before 0815 (Be Sure You Have ALL Equipment Ready At This Point) Safety Instruction Mandatory Safety Meeting 0815 Deployment Both Teams Will Deploy At 0845 0900 - Event Start (On The Horn) SECOND DEPLOYMENT (US Forces - Peoples Liberation Army Marine Corps) Players Should Be On Site By 0730 Registration Must Be Registered Before 0845 Equipment Inspection Inspected Before 0900 (Be Sure You Have ALL Equipment Ready At This Point) Safety Instruction Mandatory Safety Meeting 0915 Deployment Both Teams Will Deploy At 0930 Registration Fee $30.00 PLAYERS THAT PRE REGISTER BY MAY 3 - $25.00 EMT – Security question: what Answer: milsim Lunch available at extra cost The “Black Site” is located at: 4690 Side Road 19 Kettleby, Ontario Follow the signs

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