ADHD Driven fashion show round 2

 24 May
 The Parlor On Granby
 765 Granby St - 23510 - Norfolk - United States
 Melissa Gumley
CLOTHES, JEWELRY, MUSIC, PERFORMANCE, ALCOHOL, ME. Seriously what else do you need? I suppose I will give all the details for all those needing more. Many of you know me as bartender Melissa. I'm sure at this point I have gotten at least half of Norfolk intoxicated at some point or another. This is a RARE occasion to see me on a Saturday NOT behind the bar for once. This is like a unicorn sighting, majestic, rare and non existent. HOWEVER I am going to be showing my spring summer line for 2015. BELIEVE IT OR NOT I AM ALSO A FASHION DESIGNER. I went to school and everything and I am pretty awesome at it. THIS IS YOUR ONE CHANCE to see what else I do so we can avoid that really awkward conversation while I'm working about what my REAL job is. I promise it will be awesome. I've got a cool conceptual performance planned rather than a simple walk through typical fashion show, because let's be honest we all know I don't do typical. This event has a mandatory attendance policy. I design a plethora of awesome pieces and I'd love to share them with you. Please don't make me change my bar tending spiel to this. Hey! How are you? May I see ID? What can I get for you? Did you attend my fashion show? Oh you didn't? I guess I can't serve you then.

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