Actress Michelle Tomlinson: The Spotlight: Hollywood Edition #43

 31 May
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 Kinte IndyShowcase
6:00 pm pst / 9:00 pm est Location: Synopsis: On episode 43 we talk to actress Michelle Tomlinson. Michelle Tomlinson @themightymct Michelle Tomlinson was born and raised in Northern New Mexico. Heavily involved in Video Productions in High School, she flipped to the other side of the camera and began Acting Classes while attending Eastern New Mexico University. (Where she earned her BFA in Theatre Peformance.) Immediately upon graduation, she moved to Los Angeles, California to hone in on her craft and begin her career. She saturated herself in the Adler Technique taught by Arthur Mendoza and followed up with The Lyndon Technique taught by Amy Lyndon, who teaches an effective and unique Booking Technique. As a survivor of Papillary Thyroid Cancer, Michelle Tomlinson takes absolutely nothing for granted and is in this life to spread light, have fun, work hard and taste every moment to it's fullest. Listed on several Top Ten Hot B Movie Actresses Lists, Tomlinson has received rave reviews in several Feature Films that have not only hit Festivals, but some Theatres as well as DVD Releases. Although she is more known for her work in Indie Horror Feature Films such as The Cellar Door and Brain Dead. Tomlinson has also enjoyed juicy roles in Dramatic Indie Feature Films such as Undercurrent and Officer Down. She also plays the Series Lead in the Web Series "Kung Fu Femmes" and has been in several Short Films and Plays. Tomlinson also Coaches Actors of every age, ability and experience to not only book their own auditions but to learn more about the craft of Acting and how to get out of their own way and let the work speak through them. Equally enjoyed with Acting and Coaching, Tomlinson also Produces some of her own work. Known mostly for a couple of webisodes of "The Misadventures of MCT & A" with Kimberly Amato, Tomlinson is also about to launch her own Web Series that will start shooting in January of 2014 and another Short Film with Amato in May of 2014. Hosts: Kinte, Taralyn Gravois Productions information: 43 Actress Michelle Tomlinson (3x11) 11/14/14

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