22 May
 Vienna, Austria
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 ACAP The Advocates of Charity Against Poverty ( A.C.A.P.)
The Advocates of Charity Against Poverty City of Vienna March 9,2016 City of Vienna Invitation to join the ACAP-Tour from Vienna-Luxembourg-Brussels –Amsterdam From May 22-25 2015 Dear Sir/Madam ACAP is pleased to announce it`s forthcoming sponsor trip to the city of Luxembourg, Brussels and Amsterdam.This places are well known in European Tourism. Brussels is the seat of EU..The Atomium Expo in 1958 ,Belgian Comic Strip Center,and Lots of museum worth visiting.In Luxembourg is the place of famous restaurant,cuisines and the Gothic Revival Cathedral of Notre Dame.Amsterdam is well Known for it`s beautiful canals,famous museum like Van Gogh,Ricksmuseum,to name a few. PROGRAM: May 22 Friday…Leave Vienna at 20:00 Uhr going to Brussels Belgium. May 23Saturday…2nd Day arrived in Luxemboug with City Tour..then going to Brussels visit the City and the Atomium Expo site of 1958. May 24 Sunday…3rd day…visit Amsterdam May 25 Monday…4th day going back to Vienna. Price per Person is 269 Euro Children from 1-2 years is Free Children from 2-12 years is 240 Euro Pensionist is 259 Euro 2X overnight in Hotel with breakfast and dinner +tourguide in Luxembourg and Brussels. For more information please Contact the Following ACAP Officers. Alvin and Sonia Alcantara Tel No. 069919255542/069919255541 Flor Alcantara Tel No. 06769774041 Evelyn Cerny Tel No. 06507141810 Vher Pajarillaga Tel No.06765275272 Sincerely Virgilio Pajarillaga ACAP President

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