Absinthesis @ Goodtimes Getdown - White Haven, PA

 29 May
 White Haven, PA, United States
  - 18661 - -
Find Local Concerts: http://bnds.in/jlStT0 $60.00 Advanced Tickets $80.00 After May 24th Lineup: ----------------- Absinthesis http://bnds.in/1nAOOZC Absinthesis http://bnds.in/1nAOOZC The Heavy Pets http://bnds.in/1eAQKqL The Royal Noise http://bnds.in/19mMTOP Catullus http://bnds.in/12OjJWQ Miz http://bnds.in/TV50T5 Cocktail Party Phenomenon Shwizz http://bnds.in/VdGI9s Pure Jerry http://bnds.in/1hTW7DG Rok Bottom Chestnut Grove http://bnds.in/opOgVB KUF KNOTS Aly Cat Bong Hits for Jesus http://bnds.in/14pmqhT Strange Heat Native Maze Kintala Happy Dog Pete Kranz MAJOR FRONT Punkabillys Sage http://bnds.in/TiHs7k Tennesee Jedi Roctapuss Éléphant http://bnds.in/Tb5fWu APPALACHIAN GYPSY TRIBE KCamp Sushi Neptune Bloom Liberty Tribe Twisted Vibes Salient Roots Mike Greer Mikey B w/Yo Broski

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