08 June
 konohana baika 3-11-18 - 554-0013 - Osaka - Japan
 Go Tsushima
6/8 (mon) A SEED NIGHT - ROGIER SMALL & NORA MULDER Japan tour at FIGYA 大阪 19:00 - 22:00 500yen live : ROGIER SMALL & NORA MULDER (Netherlands) ジジのほっぺたろまん FUJIYUKI ROGIER SMALL & NORA MULDER Rogier Smal is a drummer who experiments with free percussion sounds. Besides playing in art collective Dagora he plays with different musicians and solo. Lately Rogier has been lucky enough to have been making sonic waves of liberty with gems like: Jaap Blonk, Marshall Allen, Dylan Carlson, Eugene Chadbourne, Geoff Leigh, Ludo Mich, Sunburned hand of the man, Mik Quantius, Daevid Allen, and many more. Nora Mulder is trained as a classical pianist in Rotterdam and Paris and now performing contemporary composed & improvised music on piano & cymbalom. She performs solo, with her own groups 7090 and Trolleybus and with various ensembles for contemporary music throughout Europe. Apart from playing “concert music” whether composed or improvised, on piano or cymbalom, Nora surges for all possibilities of performance: a musician is not just heard, also to be seen. Therefor she is also to be seen in theatre and dance performances and works frequently with visual artists, dancers, actors, poets and chefs. rogiersmal.blogspot.com www.noramulder.nl www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptpvHXJSbEs FUJIYUKI (sarry) ボーカルとベースによるドローンポップユニットSarry Fujiyukiのソロプロジェクト。 2011年よりソロ活動を開始。 ドローントラックとヴォイスドローンの重厚な音世界の上に空間を浮遊する旋律や反復を用いた呪術的な声をのせ、立体的恍惚音楽を作り出す。 只今、アルバムを製作中。 Fujiyuki ライブ音源 https://m.soundcloud.com/yuki-fuji-1/sun Sarry About http://sarry.info/sarry.html FIGYA address : 大阪市此花区梅香3-11-18 3-11-18 Baika, Konohana-ku, Osaka 阪神千鳥橋駅/JR・阪神西九条駅 近く tel : 090-2009-9188 web : http://figya.tumblr.com/ https://www.facebook.com/baikaFIGYA

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