A SEED NIGHT Osaka w/ . . . (CH)

 16 May
 大阪市梅香3-11-18 - - Osaka - Japan
 Go Tsushima
5/16 (sat) A SEED NIGHT - . . . Japan tour at FIGYA 大阪 19:00 - 22:00 500yen live : . . . (Switzerland) 杉浦こずえ 821 DJ JETVEL . . . . . . aka Nikola Mounoud. Was born and will die on earth within the end of the 21rst gregorian century. For almost a decade now he focus his work on feedback(s) as unique sound source and intend to present it live only using real time treatment softwares and both digital and analog tools. A no concept or highly conceptual project... depending on each social, cultural and political background intensity. His work can go from atonal to highly harmonical frequencies combination always along strong dynamics as main conductor. The idea of "noise" is taken in it's whole term fullfilling the room and minds and shaking the bodies. Time and space will have huge influence on the final result. Each performance being unique due to the venue, the sound system, his mental state, organizers and audience... http://ooo.meovco.com 杉浦こずえ さまよう人。もともと映像作家からパフォーマンスへ。最近では相方のはりこと のユニット「ハリコズエ」でのノイズ系インプロが主戦場ですが、ソロ活動もぼ ちぼちと。変な「アートを発明する」みたいなスタンスでやってます。最近は ハンダゴテ片手にいろいろと珍楽器を作成中。 https://www.facebook.com/kozue.sugiura.77 821 (sarry) http://yrras.sakura.ne.jp/praj/ FIGYA address : 大阪市此花区梅香3-11-18 3-11-18 Baika, Konohana-ku, Osaka 阪神千鳥橋駅/JR・阪神西九条駅 近く tel : 090-2009-9188 web : http://figya.tumblr.com/ https://www.facebook.com/baikaFIGYA

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