A Place Called Broken

 07 June
 The Numajestic Theater, 385 Broadway, Paterson Nj 07501
  - - -
 Lamartz Brown
There is a Place that most people don’t want to enter. A place, where nightmares are reality and dreams haven’t come true. A place where despair is not a visitor, but a permanent resident. There is a house of pain, rejection, heartache and tragedies that cannot be shared; that can only be kept secretly to ourselves. Enter into “A Place Called Broken” where the art of life is not a beautiful portrait or painting but a shattered mirror broken in so many pieces that it cuts through our ability to love and causes us to define ourselves as unworthy, unclean, and ugly. Everyone has been to this place. We have all lived there at one time or another, chained to our thoughts of hopelessness. There are six rooms in this “Place Called Broken”. Enter at your own risk because what you find behind these closed doors may shock you but in reality without looking at it, you will risk not being able to pull back the covers of your own bed and cast these demons out of your heart and mind. It’s time to break out of this place and move into a new home. A happy home called Destiny. The rent is due. Either pay up and move into your new place; or continue to wallow in squalor.

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