A Great Day in Springfield ll

 07 June
 Ampatheater @ the Art Museum Springfield Mo.
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 Steven Spencer
July 20 2013, 97 degrees, the hottest day of summer 220 local musicians gathered at the amphitheater at the Springfield Art Museum to make Photographic History. On June 7th 2015 I will hold another Photo shoot to photograph at the same location for those who didn't make the first one or didn't hear about it. what I need from you and those who were at the first shoot is to find as many old-timers as we can get & New comers, what i am tying to do is to document the folks who make up the Springfield sound! that includes EVERYBODY EVERY SOUND. I will run it the exact same way except it will be at 2:00 O clock that sunday afternoon. You need to show up! if you don't think anybody will be their remember the last one! your bound to see someone you haven't seen in years old friends and faces with new friends and faces in one common bond, "MUSIC!" and this is why it was the Greatest Day In Springfield. I expect to see those who were in the first photo, I'll need your help to show them how much fun their going to have - the heat!!!!!!. well pull off the Biggest Fam Damily reunion of musicians. P.S. this time it won't be a Gorilla photo shoot I have permission, we will be able to use the park its going to rock!.

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