A Day With Marshall Sylver - World Famous Entertainer, Hypnotist, Wealth/He

 03 June
 The Westin Oaks Houston at the Galleria, 5011 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX, US
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 Doug Winnie
Ever have the thoughts that seem to slow you down? How about those days when everything is awesome and going your way? Want to have more of the latter? Attend this seminar by Marshall Sylver and you'll do just that!! Read to the end to get your $279 ticket comped by me!!! Are you able to pull the thoughts that self-motivate, excite, and cause you to do the right things at the right time? This is the man who can get us all thinking the right thoughts that get us to do what we need to do, and we'll do it faster. Whether to exercise more, have better relationships, or become wealthier, Marshall Sylver is the answer. Check out his video: http://www.Sylver.com/TakeActionNow Marshall Sylver stats: 5 times on David Letterman 5 times on Howard Stern Show 5 times on Montel Williams 5 times on The Late Show Las Vegas Entertainer at Harrah's Dozens of others Order tickets www.marshallsylver-houston.eventbrite.com Through hypnosis Marshall Sylver has taught millions of people the valuable skills to do have better health (like lose weight and stop smoking), have better relationships, and obtain amazing levels of wealth! At this event Marshall will teach, motivate, and inspire the audience to take the actions needed to do all the above and more!! This is a sponsored event worth $279 to attend - if you have received an invitation from a sponsor your ticket is complimentary!! Yep, you're good if you got this far. Use code DW40 to get your ticket for free!! This is a MUST ATTEND EVENT for everyone who wants to improve their wealth, health, and/or relationships! www.Sylver.com/TakeActionNow

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