8 Week Weight Loss Challenge Ulverstone

 19 May
 Community Weight Loss Challenges
 2a Linden Heights - 7310 - Don - Australia
 Community Weight Loss Challenges
I am super excited about the 8 Weight Loss Challenge starting on Tuesday 19th May at 7pm at the Boxing rooms at the Ulverstone Showgrounds. $49 for the full 8 weeks This is a great way to lose some body fat and look great. Do you know anyone who might like to join in? (I haven't sent this invite to you because I think you need to lose some body fat... you might know someone who does) All participants need to complete a free 1 hour Wellness Evaluation within the first week of the Challenge start date (or prior to). This is a public event, so feel free to invite your friends. We can't wait to help you get the best result possible! Prize money will be paid out to the top 3 biggest weight losers. Herbalife nutrition is the best option to use for awesome results. This can be invested in from your Personal Wellness Coach. There is a Fit Club/Dance from 6-7pm right before this class that you are most welcome to join in. The first session is free and every session after is $5 and includes post work out nutrition. Please contact Tania Jones on 0439 612 308 to confirm your place.

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