7th Annual Never Give Up Golf Tournament for Robert Mudge

 13 June
 LPGA International
 1000 Champions Dr - 32124 - Daytona Beach - United States
 Robert Mudge
I have made some great gains over the years and my life is much easier than it once was, but there is still much work to be done. Most of you get to see all of the improvements and landmarks here and may not realize the list of things I still can’t do without help. A few include my inability to get in and out of bed to and from my chair, and put clothes on my lower extremities. Who’s to say I will or will not ever be able to do these and other things alone one day, but I will continue trying to get to the point where I can for as long as I have the time, ability, support and means to. That is where the upcoming annual Never Give Up golf tournament on June 13th at LPGA International comes into play. This event raises money for many things that I could not otherwise afford. Things like year round therapy at Project Walk Orlando, equipment for my gym at home, the walker you recently saw me using in my neighborhood, a month long trip to California to receive intense 4 days a week 3 hours a day therapy/workout sessions and any costs associated with my spinal cord injury. A few hours of this specialized therapy costs what most of you pay for a yearly membership at a gym. You can still help or donate even if you aren't participating in the event. Thank you for all your support and your comments and likes here. Not sure you all realize it, but all of you and your words of encouragement are just as inspiring. Sign Up for newsletter here to receive donation info and/or info for the upcoming tournament as well as future events: http://eepurl.com/beyHcD To Donate or Sign Up to play or Sponsor you can do so online here:https://m.helphopelive.org/campaign/2671

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