6 Parmageddon VI Furious: The Penultimate Parma (for this semester)

 21 May
 Eagle Bar
 Latrobe University - 3083 - Bundoora - Australia
 David Hunter
Yeah. You know the details. Eagle Bar. Parmas. Or whatever. Ok, ok, if you don't actually know the details, see here: https://www.facebook.com/events/967808619896471/ EDIT: apparently some people can't even click that link ( :P ), so here are the details copied and pasted. We shall meet at the Eagle Bar, lower floor of the Union Building, LTU Bundoora campus, and we shall feast on the finest of Chicken Parmigianas (or whatever tickles your fancy - but the Parma is renowned). And socialise and meet new people, etc. Pretend to be somewhat sociable and what-have-you. Feel free to turn up late, or leave early. We'll be around. There is a bar there, so one may expect slight inebriation to occur. If you're poor, like me, feel free to bring your own lunch. Or you could be like a seagull and try and steal food from others.

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