5th Annual Vernon Lutheran Church Service

 14 June
 3205 Taylor Avenue, Dows, Iowa
  - - -
 Matt Schutt
In 2010, the Vernon Lutheran Church closed after fulfilling it's mission for 110 years. This annual service is a tribute not only to this church, but to all small rural churches that once graced our Iowa landscape. Former Pastor Harold McMillin will lead the special service that will be a tribute to the many Christmas Eve Services that were a favorite tradition in this church. Everyone is invited to this communion service at 11:00 a.m. followed by a dinner and fellowhip. Feel free to invite family, friends and foes. If you would like to sing in the ever-growing choir, send a message and music will be sent to you. Those singing in the choir so far: Sopranos Lisa Rasmussen Ott Brenda Roberts Carole Henning Kassy Hegland Judith Ritter Cindy Deal Altos Penny Atkinson Van Ert Shelly Block Brenda S Dryer Kari Ricke Diane Beisner Tenors Jacob Bennett Larry Johansen Karla Schutt Isaacson Basses Jeff L Bohn Deal's Orchard

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