5th Annual Team SolGood Meet

 05 June
 Bryson City, NC, United States
  - 28713 - -
 Cody Jenkins
That's right you guessed it! Go ahead and get that time off boys and girls! ALL CARS WELCOME. We've had this question come up often. Each year we have everything from a beautiful anniversary edition Camaro to an SUV tag along. All are welcome. Any suggestions on changes you'd like made from last year please notify any of the organizers. June 5th friday 10am rollout Nantahala gorge Cherahola skyway Cookout June 6th saturday 9am rollout stage at beach Car show Dragon Lunch Dragon June 7th sunday Open to a group decision on that day. Pricing is as follows Please note that pre-registration closes on different days for different packages. Read carefully Package A: Also known as the riders or +1 package $10 Covers A passengers entry into the bbq Closes May 20th Package B: $30 Covers Your entry into the bbq Entry into the car show Helps cover other various costs Closes May 20th Package C: $35 Covers All of package B PLUS sticker package Closes may 20th this is important so we can get the stickers cut and setup Shirts: 5th annual commemorative tee S-XL $15 per. Notify us if you need a larger size. Must be ordered by may 1st. Car numbers: This year many of us will run our traditional numbers via the assistance of a magnet. We've got a cool design. Options available include anything from different font numbers to different colors on your magnet. Single color, reflective or solid, or laser printed numbers in a 15×24 sheet (makes 2 doors at 15×12) can be had for $35 and also need to be ordered by may 1st. Commemorative stickers: Package will include 4×4 aspect ratio 6×6 aspect ratio Both single color any color you want. Reflective can also be had. If a passenger with package A wants a sticker pack make it known and it'll be a $5 increase. There is also the option to come for free. No goodies will be provided. Team SolGood will still provide complimentary cold water at all times. Lodging: HOTEL The "Ridge Top Motel" in bryson city nc houses many of the people that come. We've never had any complaints of it being dirty and the rates are generally the lowest around. it also has a great pool with up to a 12ft section. CAMPING: There are many camping options around town that are a great price and pretty nice. Contact an organizer for more info on it. CABIN: There are many great cabins in the local area that are also well priced and we'll equipped. They generally range from $120 and up in the summer.

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