16 May
 North Lawrence, NY, United States
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 Leon J. Shorette
It's that time again. This is the 5th annual co-ed softball tournament for the North Lawrence Vol Fire Dept. Each year this tournament grows bigger. Let's out do them all this year. We will have lots of raffles including the Demarini Lawmen. Concession stand will have hotdogs, hamburgs, etc.. I am also in the process of trying to get some bounce houses over there. There will be a tent set up this year selling some hot Riot2Kgear apparel along with the hottest bats that 2015 has made. There will be something for everyone. **RULES** $150 entry fee 7 guys 3 girls on the field and in the line up at ALL times. 2 home runs per inning. Any home run after that is an out. Line in the outfield may NOT be crossed until the female has made contact with the ball. This is a charity tournament and I don't want to see anyone get hurt, so feel free to use base runners when needed. Please don't take advantage of this. Pitch is 6 - 12 ft min/max Only stickered ASA bats allowed This is a 3 pitch tourney. Start with a 2-1 count. If a guy walks the immediate girl has option to walk. Run rule will be 21 after 3 innings 15 after 5 innings. **PLAY AT OWN RISK** For more info or to register a team, please contact Leon Shorette. (315) 244-7491. If no answer, leave a message and I will return you call as soon as possible.

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