5/30 California Wine VS. French Wine with an American Gourmet Dinner カリフォルニアワインVS.フランスワインとアメリカングルメディナーパーティー

 30 May
 港区白金台4-19-17 - 108-0071 - Minato-ku - Japan
 Wine Tasting Tokyo
*Japanese' home page below California and France are among the best producers of wine in the world. Let's compare a few similar grapes and have fun while enjoying an American Gourmet Dinner! We put together an extraordinary selection of wines from a very wide range for an exceptional dinner. You will taste 9 kinds of wines while speaker explains wine production, grape varieties and how to coordinate with food. American Menu & Wine selection: Aperitif : Junebug California Sauvignon Blanc 2011 Amuse: Poppy Chardonnay Santa Lucia Highland 2012. VS French Chardonnay Matching dish: Grilled Salmon with White Butter Sauce Starter: Peters Family Sonoma 2006 Pinot Noir VS. French Pinot Noir Matching dish: Rissotto Mushroom Main: Godwin Sonoma 2005 Merlot VS French Merlot Matching dish: Prime Rib with season's vegetables Dessert: Junebug Moscato California VS. French Muscat Matching dish: Cheesecake with sorbet Coffee or Tea Vegetarians are welcome and should ask for the vegetarian option in advance. Price: 14,980Y + Tax Advanced reservation : 11,980Y + tax (payment by Paypal, credit card or bank transfer at least 7 days before the event) Including full Menu ( Amuse, starter, main dish, dessert, Cafe and bread ), 9 wines, service and speakers. Reservations in JPY and details: in English: http://www.wineandcooking.info/en/winetesting.html *in Japanese: http://www.wineandcooking.info/jp/winetesting.html Note that the event is also promoted outside this group so, If you are interested, please reserve your seat as soon as possible. Please feel free to spread the word- forward this to anyone you think might be interested.

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