5/30 - 5/31 Level 1 : Act Tactical for Film - Wilmington, NC

 30 May
 Wilmington, NC, United States
  - 28401-28412 - -
 Act Tactical for Film
Act Tactical for Film (ATFF) Level 1 Course [2 Days, 4 Workshops] Students also receive receive: ATFF t-shirt, training pistol, training knife! $250 (single days are available by request) Questions: matt@acttacticalfilm.com •DAY 1• 9am-1pm FIREARMS & TACTICS FOR FILM - PHASE 1 Learn why realism is important on screen, plus how it relates to specific character development and story telling. -Key fundamentals for safety and realism on screen Handling of handguns/rifles/shotguns -Tactical movement for use as police, SWAT, military, contractors, bodyguards, and assassins -Partner drills -Solo room clearing 2pm-6pm FIGHTING FOR FILM - PHASE 1 Learn to convey emotional story telling through actions like punching, kicking, elbowing, and kneeing. Understand how certain fighting styles relate to character development. -Stage combat & safety on camera -Footwork -Israeli styles (Krav Maga & Haganah), Filipino fighting styles, boxing -Street fighting -Restraint techniques -Handcuffing •DAY 2• 9am-1pm FIREARMS & TACTICS FOR FILM - PHASE 2 Learn each gun inside out. Take the fundamentals you learned earlier and use them in more intermediate applications. -Two-person team room clearing -More partner drills -Reloading techniques for handguns/rifles -Adaptive firing positions -Handgun disarming 2pm-6pm KNIFE FIGHTING FOR FILM - PHASE 1 Learn how knife fighting is its own specialty and how it can bring a unique skill set to the characters you portray. -Israeli (Israeli Tactical Knife Fighting) & Filipino knife fighting styles -Angles of attack for slashing & thrusting -Training drills -Knife offense/defense -Knife disarming

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