5/29 Punk Rock @ Tacocracy w/ PseudoPatients (Zanesville), Remote Control, KLaN, The Cronenburgs, and Battle Cat

 29 May
 4029 Hamilton Ave - 45223 - Cincinnati - United States
 Darrel Glass
You heard it right folks! We've got The Pseudopatients coming back to Cincinasty, and goddamn it's been too fucking long. So come on out on a Friday after a long hard week of slaving away for the man and jam with The PseudoPatients (Zanesville, Fast dudes playing faster music) Remote Control - Band (Local Anarcho Punk) Killer Looks and Noise (Probably loaded on mouthwash or something) The Cronenbergs (Middletown boys makin' Middletown noise) BATTLE CAT (New Cincy hardcore punk band, bound to kill it) Gonna be a great fucking time! Drink, be merry, eat tacos and invite all of your friends. This show is FREE and ALL AGES. Probably starting around 9:30 or somethin'. Don't miss it or it'll be that one fun time all your buds talk about.

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