5 Days *all inclusive* Retreat of the Leading Brain - Madingley Hall (University of Cambridge)

 01 June
 University of Cambridge Madingley Hall
 The Institute of Continuing Education, Madingley Hall, Madingley - CB23 8AQ - Cambridge - United Kingdom
 Leapership Consultants
Program Overview The fast paced, high tech world we live in operates 24 – 7. Businesses and services are accessible around the clock. Executives, as they advance on the leadership ladder, are tempted to work for longer hours and their brain is preoccupied with work much of the time. Throughout history people have intuited that such devotion to perpetual busyness does not in fact translate to greater productivity and is not particularly healthy. What if the brain requires substantial retreat to remain industrious and generate its most innovative ideas? The retreat of the brain is a necessary condition for standing back and seeing it whole, for making unexpected connections, for opening up to new concepts – it is, paradoxically, necessary to getting work done, productively. This 5-days-journey to Cambridge – UK combines a unique Leadership experiential learning with world-class speakers and a relaxing environment to offer Aspiring Managers, Executives, Senior Managers, Head of Departments, Founders, Owners and CEOs “The Retreat of the Leading Brain” they most definitely need Venue Madingley Hall is one of the few University of Cambridge venues, situated in the tranquil village of Madingley on the outskirts of Cambridge. You will enjoy award-winning cuisine in the elegant Dining Hall and first-rate facilities in an atmospheric and inspiring learning setting. You will also be staying at this spectacular Elizabethan mansion with some of the finest gardens in Cambridge in comfortable single accommodation. World-known Cambridge graduates attended classes and conferences at Madingley including Charles Darwin (Theory of evolution) – Queen Margareth of Denmark – Prince Edward - Salman Rushdie (Writer) – Prince Charles – Shaikh Salman Bin Hamad Bin Issa Al Khalifa (Crown Prince of Bahrain) – Charles Corefield (Inventor of Adobe) – Gavyn Davies (Managing Director of Goldman Sachs investment bank and Chairman of the BBC) – Christian Purslow (Managing Director of Liverpool Football Club) and many more Learning Approach This program follows a unique approach by allowing delegates to be self-tested prior to the commencement of the workshop. Emergenetics® psychometric profiling is a world-class tool developed by brain research at Harvard University and Nebraska, and used by the biggest organizations around the world such as Microsoft, Cisco, Deloitte, Western Union, Allianz, Siemens, Accenture. Before embarking on the 5 days journey at Cambridge, delegates will take their Emergenetics® profile which will help the facilitators and the speakers tailor the program to individual and group needs. The workshop includes hands-on practical drills and exercises which directly relate to actual situations today’s leaders face on daily basis. Speakers will be uncovering the latest brain and neuroscience discoveries which can provide useful tools for leaders to manage people effectively. Facilitators will make use of Madingley training facilities as well as famous outdoor gardens for a variety of experiential learning exercises. The program will include visits to $1Bn+ successful organizations in Cambridge and meeting key executive leaders. Agenda Day 1 – 01/06/2015: - Introduction to brain science & latest research - Understanding Brain functions – from halves to quadrants - Learning about Emergenetics® = Merging Brains and Behavior (E = mb2) 4 Thinking Attributes + 3 Behavioral Attributes - Distribution of Emergenetics® Profiles and uncovering the blueprint of your preferences - Revealing your Genetic Leadership style - Scenarios and Application to your work/life Day will include outdoor activities, lunch & coffee breaks Entertainment & Dinner from 7-9 pm Day 2 – 02/06/2015: - Different approaches to Leading with influence - Followership and People Development, 4G Leadership - How to use your newly acquired Emergenetics Learning in each Leadership style - Understanding Employees through Emergenetics® - Managing Employees according to their Emergenetics® preferences - Goal setting - Reassigning tasks to increase productivity - Coaching Day will include outdoor activities, lunch & coffee breaks Dinner from 7-9 pm Day 3 – 03/06/2015: Featured Speaker: Steve Bentley to talk about (Neuroscience and high performance teams and Dysfunctions of teams) - Assemble the Emergenetics® WEteam™ and develop a WEapproach™ - Emotional and Social Intelligence - How to use your newly acquired Emergenetics Learning in each Leadership style - 5 steps to increase the level of Followership (Competence & Commitment) - Establish a delegation style that fosters people engagement Day will include outdoor activities, lunch & coffee breaks Dinner from 7-9 pm Day 4 – 04/06/2015: - Featured Speaker: David Sales to talk about Tribal Leadership, Culture, Coaching and Mentoring - Recruiting using your newly acquired Emergenetics knowledge - Define your Emergenetics® motivational strategies – motivating to the one - Transform team conflicts into development opportunities - Establish development plans for your employees based on their thinking and behavioral attributes - Communication including writing communication and presentation (using Emergenetics) - Decision-making Day will include outdoor activities, lunch & coffee breaks Roundtable discussion & Dinner with Mr. David Sales and Dr. Antoine Eid between 7-9 pm Day 5 – 05/06/2015: - Leading questions to identify somebody’s profile - Acquiring & implementation of a new great service mindset - Talk to your customers according to their Emergenetics® preferences - The Intersection of Marketing and Psychometrics - Adapting your sales approach based on audience brain preferences - Field trip to $1Bn+ successful organizations and meeting with executive leaders Day will include outdoor activities, lunch & coffee breaks Dinner from 7-9 pm Registration www.leapership.com/cambridge cambridge@leapership.com +961 45 45 3 45 | +44 7754707537 | +971 50 678 00 27

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