5-day Deep Rest Meditation Retreat with Jaya Julienne Ashmore

 08 June
 Moulin de Chaves
  - 24640 - Cubjac - France
 Open Dharma
Rest into life beyond ideas through meditation, deep rest, silence, and teachings of transformation. We can practice relaxing to uncover and enjoy what is. We can allow our inborn intelligence to arise and grow. Through meditation and dialog, we can explore what we are, rather than trying to be somebody. The deepest rest is the unshakeable okayness behind the scenes, the humblest connection to love of life, the sense of humor and life's preciousness, no matter what. Jaya has taught meditation and Dharma internationally for over 15 years to people of diverse ages and backgrounds--helping people discover, practice and fulfill their unique ways of lighting up with life. She offers meditation instructions, teachings enriched by poetry, science, and Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Sufi traditions, as well as modern somatics and ecology. In a lush environment of river, woods, and bamboo, With exquisite homemade, organic, local food, In an atmosphere of lightness and gravity, we uncover and realize (make real) what is most important in life.

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