4th Annual ARCOS Dance Workshop

 01 June
 The University of Texas at Austin
 1 University Station - 78712 - Austin - United States
 Arcos Dance
>> Professional Level Technique Classes >> Learn and perform a full evening of ARCOS repertoire >> Cross-Training in Gyrokinesis® and Gaga/Dancers >> Multimedia Lab >> Development Sessions Monday-Saturday (approx. 10am-6pm daily) http://www.arcosdance.com/choreoworkshop2015/ ARCOS recognizes the rising need for contemporary performing artists to hone skills beyond the technique of their particular discipline. In order to thrive today, we must nourish multiple talents as dancer, choreographer, designer, publicist, costumer, collaborator, writer, public speaker, fundraiser, accountant, teacher, filmmaker, sound engineer, or dozens of other roles that inevitably arise from our impulse to “make work.” ARCOS embraces this chameleon state and experiments rigorously to discover new operating models for contemporary performing artists. The ARCOS Workshop cultivates boldness in technique and choreography with intensive study of the company’s signature approach to movement (including learning a full evening of repertoire), relevant cross training, and the opportunity to experiment with integrating technologies meaningfully into performance. The 2015 workshop will include Development Sessions in which participants can focus on skills and resources to create and present significant, innovative work in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

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