$3X party in uttara

 28 May
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 LilHot TeenAss
Ever wanted a Gangbang Party in Dhaka where you could Fuck someone along with all your buddies at a cheap rate. We're bringing you this event where you can fuck three hot chicks in batches of 10 at a time for 2 hrs each. price-8000 tk per head girls are 16,16 and 18.. there will be live lesbian $3x... no bkash,no advance, you pay you get in,you don't pay and we release the dogs on you after electrocuting you. pics will be inboxed prior to the event. ONLY 70 slots open for guys. To apply Sms (your name and Humpty dumpty) to 01867 265819 ....ONLY SMS.

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 15 December, Thursday